1. This journey wasn’t easy for Tende and our family but God was present through it all.
    Proud of my kid bro.
    Thank you for featuring his story.
    God bless you.

  2. If Strength, Hope and Faith was a person
    It could have been Tende.
    Good job and may your story inspire many.

  3. Inspiring piece and wishing him all the blessings in this life, such an inspiration i met him once and if strength was a person then he would definitely fit the description.

    27 my guy and keep on the fight

  4. my former captain at sailors rfc back in 2017. You Inspire a lot of individuals out here brother. keep pushing.

  5. Tende. My cousin ,,, truely a shujaa.. I saw you throughout the journey. God exists. You are a living testimony.

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