What A Season!

The Kenya 7s (Photo - Ministry of rugby)

What a season it has been for the Kenya sevens, after ten tournaments in ten different cities in seven months the team returns their 2017/18 score card with 104 points, the highest points tally in the team’s history, making this the best season for the Kenya sevens, ever. Those 104 points came off 7 cup… Continue reading What A Season!

We Call Upon You, The Simba!

We call upon you the Simba!

We call upon you the simba to sing us a song, cause we have been waiting for too… Greetings Simba (Insert Roar here), Your mission, which you will naturally accept, is from this point on, to join your pride, for this season’s special hunt. A hunt that we came very close to being successful at… Continue reading We Call Upon You, The Simba!

Je Simba Ni Mgonjwa?

David Ambunya under the attentions of the Uganda defenders

A harsh lesson at the hands of the Germans, a lucky win in Kampala and a scrappy draw in Nairobi, describe the Simbas start to the 2017 international calendar. At a similar stage last year, the Simbas had blown Uganda apart with a 48-10 win in Kampala, before impressively sneaking in a one point win… Continue reading Je Simba Ni Mgonjwa?

What Next, After Simbas Heart Break?

The human cyborg in action.

On Saturday afternoon, at the 79th minute mark, the scoreboard at the RFUEA read 29-27 in favour of Kenya against Germany. The Simbas were on course for a sixth straight home win under Jerome Paarwater. In the minutes leading up to this. the German’s had uncharacteristically missed a couple of penalties within striking range in… Continue reading What Next, After Simbas Heart Break?

Makosa Ilitendeka

I bet we all remember the video clip that surfaced few years back, of a man, let’s call him Sospeter, caught pants down with another man’s wife at a dingy motel somewhere in Central Kenya. Poor Sospeter was pounded like the tumu tumu drums at harvest celebrations, all he had to say in his defence… Continue reading Makosa Ilitendeka