What To Expect When Strathmore Take On Homeboyz

Mean Machine v Harlequins, Kabras Sugar v Nondies, Kenya Sharks v Top Fry Nakuru, Thika v Mwamba, Black Blad v Impala and KCB V Western Bulls.

Last time these two met (Photo : Voice of Strathmore)

Last time these two met (Photo : Voice of Strathmore)

If these fixtures were up for betting on Sportspesa this weekend, I have a feeling there are a lot of people who would make some money. I don’t mean to write any team off per say but to be frank, Harlequins, KCB, Kabras, Top Fry Nakuru, Mwamba and Impala I think just have too much class and talent to be bothered by their opponents this weekend.

I foresee some good running rugby with lots of tries and high scoring games. For these teams, there is no better weekend than this to work on that Points Difference!

Homeboyz v Strathmore

We have a game on our hands ladies and gentlemen, as these two meet for the second time in two weeks. The last time Strathmore needing a last minute penalty to secure an 11- 10 win.

What can we expect from Homeboyz this weekend:

Homeboyz have just lost their Captain and front man Joshua Chisanga who has gone off to the United Kingdom to pursue a possible professional career, leaving big boots to be filled. But Homeboyz are not too concerned with this. It is not possible to find another Chisanga, will he be missed? Definitely; will his absence be felt? Most certainly BUT they are being “glass half full” about this. Joshua’s replacement will obviously bring something different to the table and will find a way to contribute to the team in their own way! Also it is an opportunity to nurture some new talent and this will not only benefit Homeboyz Rugby but also Kenya as a Rugby playing nation as a whole.

There are a number of players missing in action for Homeboyz this weekend not only Joshua but Oscar Ayodi, Leonard Mugaisi and Augustine Lugonzo are unavailable due to National 7s duty. Again with this it’s all about the glass being half full and Homeboyz look at this as an opportunity for the youthful talent that they have to stand up and be counted.

Homeboyz are looking to be 4 things this weekend; Simple, Accurate, Ruthless and Clinical. They have been unable to close out the last two games, coming out second best on the scoreboard to Strathmore and Mwamba. They are looking to capitalize on chances while bringing their usual bully-like approach. They are looking to put in the work this weekend, it’s not really about revenge against Strathmore but they want Strathmore to KNOW who they are and what kind of Rugby they really play.

Players Watch:

Philip Ikambili – He will be at hooker; extremely mobile and fit, he is like a horse, has a crazy work rate!! Young and showing lots of potential – with so many key players out for this game it may be time for him to firmly establish himself as a core leader for the team with a good Solid performance at set piece- The Scrum and Line out. As any good forward will tell you, its about securing your ball before anything else. The ball is well and truly in his court.

Maxwell Kangeri – He will be at inside center, as you would expect with a good center, he is a good defender and tackler; Being a good tackler he loves the physical aspect of the game, Leader of the defense line and vocal. He will need to bring his A game on Saturday.

Leon Labanga – He will be at flanker. A Typical blind side if you like. Makes a huge amount of tackles throughout the game. Fearless – as any flanker ought to be – and will put his body on the line 10/10 times. Very alert and dangerous on loose ball, and open space, so you need to secure your ball!

What to expect from Strathmore:

Clinical seems to be the theme for the weekend, Strath are looking to be precise at set piece, protection of the ball, and securing the rucks. Turning pressure into points; having beaten Homeboyz in the last minutes just the other day, more than anyone they will know how important this is for them against their current opposition.

Coming off two victories they are in a good space as a team; mentally and physically . They are rightfully expecting a tough game from Homeboyz; They have no axe to grind BUT looking to prove that the first time was not luck but all about the Double G; Grind and Grit!

Go To Points for Strath:

We’re not doing a player watch but looking at what makes Strathmore tick.

Combined Efforts: It’s about everyone doing their job, playing for the next man, putting it all out there on the field; not only on game day but on training day as well. They operate best as a pack and when everyone does their job they very rarely fail to make the kill!

Team Spirit: They are a band of brothers, in victory and in defeat they stand together, apportion no blame and encourage! This is who they are, this is what they are about! XXVII

Captain/Leadership: They have a number of seasoned players on their squad from Kenya 7s to Kenya XV’s. Being a university side they have a lot of brains on the pitch, so they are tactical, they are composed, and intelligent, they make the right decisions in the right places, Mindset is not an issue for them.

As you can tell we have a terrific game coming up on Saturday.

Collated Match Day 13 fixtures :

Blak Blad v Resolution Impala Saracens – 2.00pm – Impala Club – *Live on Zuku & K24.
Menengai Cream Homeboyz v Pan Africa Strathmore Leos – 4.00pm – Impala Club – *Live on Zuku & K24.
Mean Machine v Kenya Harlequin – 4.00pm – UoN Kabete Campus.
Nondescripts v Kabras Sugar – 4.00pm – Jamhuri Park.
Kenya Sharks v Top Fry Nakuru – 4.00pm – Bungoma High School, Bungoma.
Thika v Mwamba – 4.00pm – Thika Stadium, Thika.
Western Bulls v KCB – 4.00pm – The Bull Ring, Kakamega.

What do you think?

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  1. James says:

    Homeboyz will probably fall short in this encounter, you cannot discount the influence Chisanga has on their forwards game. This one I call a loss for the DJ’s.

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