Introducing The Head To Head Category

For quite a while now, I have been running a predictions section in most, if not all of my Kenya cup match previews, well its time to spice it up.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls..introducing the Head to Head category.

Arigi vs Poghie

Arigi vs Poghie

This is how it will work, I’ll be running my predictions as usual, but this time it will be against a guest’s predictions every week. For example, we kick off with Arigi as my guest (you might have figured), he’ll give his predictions for the match day 4 Kenya cup fixtures, then I’ll give mine.

After the close of Match day action, we will do a review, see who got their predictions right or closest to the mark. We’ll have a point system, a league of sorts, 4 points for an exact prediction, 2 points for a correct result i.e win or loss and 0 points for anything else, although we might award a point for a close call.

This ‘guest’ could be anyone of your or my choice, a player, coach, fan, media personality and yes, socialite. In short it will be me against the world..

Lets get straight to it, maswali baadaye…

Arigi Obiero aka The Minister needs no introduction, the man behind the Ministry of Rugby, and that big lens you usually see at all rugby games is the first candidate for a beating. His history in the game stretches as far as most can remember, so his knowledge of the game is unquestionable.

Match day 4 is more or less a straight forward affair, not many matches to scratch your hair over (not like the Minister has any hair to scratch really..). Here are our predictions :

Match Poghie’s Prediction Arigi’s Prediction
Nondies vs Homeboyz Nondies over Homeboyz by 15. Homeboyz win over Nondies by 12.
Quins vs Western Bulls Bulls over Quins by 10. Western Bulls over Quins by 10.
Mwamba vs Catholic Mwamba over Catholic by 50. Mwamba over Catholic by 25.
Nakuru vs Blak Blad Nakuru over Blad by 30. Nakuru over Blad by 60.
Impala vs Strathmore Strathmore over Impala by 5. Strathmore over Impala by 10.
KCB vs Machine KCB over Machine by 30. KCB over Machine by 28.
Mombasa vs Kabras Kabras over Mombasa by 40. Kabras over Mombasa by 30.


You can also join in the fun, and list your predictions in the comments section…also nominate guys you’d like to see me take on.

KWISHA…Nimeruka nje.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Introducing The Head To Head Category”

  1. anonymous says:

    take on kanyari

  2. Michael says:

    Like this new guest predictions. Goodstuff. Now onto the predictions themselves. I think Homeboyz will get one over Nondies. The rest look straightforward..agree will all of them. Let wait and see if we can get suprises.

    1. Poghie says:

      Hehehe nice try…Lets see if you’ll have better luck next week

  3. James Wahome says:

    Here goes nothing:

    Nondies vs Homeboyz – Nondies with 10 points over the DJ’s
    Quins vs Western Bulls – Quins will take this one 15 points over the Bulls
    Mwamba vs Catholic – Mwamba with a +50 win over the Monks
    Nakuru vs Blak Blad – Wanyore with a + 30 win over the KU boys
    Impala vs Strathmore- Impala will take this one 10+ points.
    KCB vs Machine – KCB + 50 over Machine
    Mombasa vs Kabras – Kabras + 70 over Mombasa

    1. Poghie says:

      Hehe My boss, nice… 5/7 not bad.

  4. TC-Dabu says:

    My predictions,Nondies to register a bonus point win over homeboyz..+15 for Nondies. Bulls to give quins a close run but will not be good enough..+5 for quins. Mwamba easy +30 over catholic,Nakuru +40 over blakblad, Impala vs Leos tight at the beginning but eventually Leos will get their bonus point win + 15 for Leos over impala,KCB +40 over machine,kabras to struggle but will win +10 for kabras over mombasa

    1. Poghie says:

      6/7.. Well done!!

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