From Dubai to the Lion’s Den..

Chris Asego akichorwa?! Maybe.. Photo Courtesy of
So much rugby over the past weekend forgive me for being confused on where to start…the beginning maybe? Dubai it is. Two points to show for our troubles, not much to write home here though I learnt a few things from this particular leg, one that I am no prophet, so expect none of my so called visions, two the technical bench has yet to decide entirely who is to play where. Case in point, how many guys were played at Centre over the weekend, what about outside prop? I do hope that they make their minds up real fast. Here are the scores from the weekend. 
DAY 1 :   France 27 – Kenya 5
              Kenya 12 – England 19
              Zimbabwe 21 – Kenya 5 
DAY 2 :   Bowl Quarter final Kenya 12 Vs 24 Portugal 
               Shield Semi Kenya 35 Vs 5 U.A.E 
                Shield Final Samoa 31 Vs 17 Kenya 
Next up is South Africa, for the Nelson Mandela bay 7’s we have been pooled alongside Hosts South Africa, Australia and Canada. Phillip Wamae has been called up to join the squad, in place of Mike Agevi..really thought it should be Chris Asego, more on the S.A leg in my post later this week. My pick for outstanding performer from the mboys goes to one man Ombachi, he looked very dangerous with the ball and was also sharp on defence. Which brings me to my next issue, I feel that we are committing too many bodies on the tackles, a fact that gets us defending on the back foot, hence we end up being caught out wide or at the centres as we rush to cover the overlap. We also need to work on our reactions off the break downs..
Onto matters Kenya cup, first here are the results:
Not too many surprises, well apart from the XVII crew beating Impala (it’s never a surprise when it comes to Strath!), as it stands now they are on top of the table. No mean feat, for any team they are going to be a very tough nut to any team this season that is for sure. Nakuru welcomed Kisumu to the big league with a comfortable 29-10 victory. ‘Us guys of Nondies’ couldn’t get past a Collins Injera inspired Mwamba, although in their defence they did see red! Machine did put up a fight against Quins though they eventually went down 17-0! 
To my feature match, Homeboyz ‘hosting’ KCB..And it lived up to every bit of hype it had built up. Even from the E.S.S match as the HBR II boys had initially gone to warm up at the traditional lions end, but quickly remembered that they were on the wrong end.. whether as an honest mistake or to intimidate their ‘visitors’. If it was for the latter, then they should practise their intimidation skills abit harder as the Cubs easily took the game 26-5. This cleared the way for the big one, and big it was. The Lions led out by Curtis Lilako and Homeboyz by Polycarp Odhiambo played out to a fully charged Lion’s den.

The pitch had suffered from the recent rains but nothing that could stop play though, as the centre referee blew us off. There was no time to weigh each other up as these two sides do know each other quite well, Homeboyz were quicker off the blocks as Oscar Ayodi picked up an interception to score under the posts, the conversion a no brainer really. Punde si punde ghafla bin vu they doubled their lead as Polycarp also went in between the posts after great work by Leon Lubanga. Fifteen minutes in and the ‘DJs’ were 14-0 up, a few faces around the den started looking worried, but it was still early days. With the likes of Dennis Mwanja, Moses Omusala, and John ‘Meso’ Ahenda within their ranks, the lions started to turn the tide as they put in their trade mark big hits. Nothing the homeboyz couldn’t handle but you can only take so much pounding, a try each by Sebastian Shivokha Dennis Mwanja and Fabian Olando saw the game going to the break evenly poised at 17-14. The second half no different from the first as the Homeboyz looked to run around their opponents at every instance while the Lions looked to run through them. No one shyed away from the tackles as the half wore on, this fact claiming its casualties from both sides. Every blade of grass was being fought for here, every ruck, scrum nothing was left to chance, a 50-50 ball was like throwing a steak to a pack of hungry mongrels! With a big part of ten minutes left, the homeboyz were awarded a penalty inside the KCB half, they opted to go for the three points which they got. 17 ups it was going to be a very nervy end to this one, Homeboyz were going all out for the win and in no way would the lions lose at the den to any one let alone the homeboyz (no pun intended!). As the two traded blows (hypothetically speaking), with precious seconds running down..a draw was surely on the cards, but these Kakamega Crazy Boys had other ideas, having won a penalty deep in their half they kicked for touch, finding it just outside the homeboyz five yard line. Won the ensuing line out and as usual mauled, the homeboyz had already brought down a few other mauls and this one was no exception. KCB hit hard at the base severally, now with the try line in their sight. The HBR defended resolutely but unfortunately or not they forgot to man the wings, a fact that Peter Mutai picked up immediately and played a wide pass out to winger Darwin Mukidza who easily grounded the ball for 22-17, the missed conversion the last play of this game.

A bonus point earned in what was in no way an easy game, far from that. This homeboyz team mean business.. a word of advice to all who care to listen, write them off at your own peril just ask Impala! My man of the match goes to Leon Lubanga, the Homeboyz inside flanker, this one worked his socks off, was at every ruck, took every other tackle, won a couple of turn overs and although they did run over him a few times he never faded away! I don’t have the ceremonial MoTM beer but hey Cheers mate (Nondies accent!). I know that I promised photos but I still don’t trust myself enough to carry a camera with me to a rugby game, naweza kua carried away togthter with it! So as soon as I get the courage to, I will have photos for y’all! Ati what about my phone? You mean this 0.5 mega pixel camera? Unless you want cartoons… As for now I hope I painted a vivid enough picture..
In other ongoings.. some of the uni league games e.g. Kenya Poly. Vs Kimathi Uni.were postponed as the players were too focused on the upcoming exams! Ah which reminds me, big congratulations to all those who graduated on Friday, now you have the power to read and blah blah blah..ahh looking forward to the parties. Also to those seating their end of year exams, starting leo with USIU chicks and the few dudes I know…success to thee, but ka hukusoma iza jo hapo siwezi kusaidia!
Today I’d like you to do me a favor, please share this with 3 hata si wengi only 3 of your friends..or better yet put it up as your update..aki dhanks (njeri accent)!! With that Ladies and Gents..see you on the flip side and
I leave you with my new hit single for the Kenya sevens, yes am that multi talented, alaa!! I am currently looking for an interested producer or big wig Mc si struggler to do a collabo with hahaha HALLA.
“Kuteseka ni kwa muda..kuteseka ni kwa muda..(x2)..Ilikua ni juzi tu, tulikua tunalimwa  na japan tunatolewa baulo mpaka hata portugal, kumbe hiyo set back ikawa ndio our come back, Mungu wetu ametukumbuka..sahii NZ tunaizungukaa, hata Fiji tunawakungutaa.*insert vifijo and nderemo here*” 

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  1. Pitseh says:

    Before I forget, kindly leave a name after your comment..thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hehee true story to the end! ACTION PACKED RUGBY! Dat Guy Brayo

  3. Pitseh says:

    Hehehe…sawa Dat guy! Hehehe…sawa Dat guy!

  4. Simba Mbarara says:

    Ngosh aki DHENX

  5. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha….unafaa kujiita ‘the tooth’…..get it…kama ‘the punter’…..nys stuff tum nguyas…..wuon magak ja piny mabor kwach piere tindo to agoge lach is my name……

  6. Pitseh says:

    @chairlady G.F.F @wuon magak hahaha tuwache ma below the stomach..get it? Na jina refu kuliko story! Haha..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hehehe, Nice.

    Bernard Lucheli

  8. Pitseh says:

    Thank you Mr. Scouser Lucheli..Thank you Mr. Scouser Lucheli..

  9. Anonymous says:

    First and foremost…wait for it…wait for it…can’t believe it’s you.Haya on to some serious talk now mbona haujaweka the highlight of the day and you know which one…Lol!

  10. AfricanBLOOMER. says:

    articulate as always.well in Pitseh.

  11. Pitseh says:

    @bubble bottoms hiyo ni ya private blog..hapa watu watanipea maneno all day! @bloomer thanks man!

  12. Peter Mutai says:

    tijima!!na uanze mainvestments kama kaminje uache kuimba..ilikua juzi tu, sikua na kaminje!!!… kuteseka ni kwa muda..

  13. Pitseh says:

    @shermuta kamenje ni mental…nitafika nayo then niget carried away kwenye harakati za session ilost!

  14. Pitseh says:

    Before the whole Strath Leos team get on my neck…appologies to you it is XXVII, not what I wrote!

  15. Anonymous says:

    pitseh…. Finally unafanya kitu ya maana na maisha yako!!!! Mundu wakwa!!!! wagwan!

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