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The Hecklers Podcast – Episode 18

Share this…FacebookTwitterIn episode 18, the Hecklers review the Kenya Cup and ESS semi finals, welcome the new entrants into next season’s Kenya Cup, touch on the National Schools’ games and a bit of Kenya sevens… enjoy! Share this…FacebookTwitter

The Hecklers Podcast – Episode 13

Share this…FacebookTwitterIn the 13th episode, the Hecklers go through the important matches from match day 9 and 10. What are our S&Cs up to? Listen in below Share this…FacebookTwitter

The Hecklers – Episode 12 (Kenya 7s)

Share this…FacebookTwitterIn the second part of episode 12, the hecklers go through the recently named Kenya sevens side to the Wellington and Sydney legs the only way they can, enjoy: Share this…FacebookTwitter

Here Is To 2016 – The Roller Coaster.

Share this…FacebookTwitterIf the year 2016 was a roller coaster ride in an amusement park, it would have probably been called ‘the hell riser’ or ‘tower of terror.’ One of those with a big ‘Ride at your own peril’ signs. Like a typical roller coaster ride,

The Hecklers – Episode 11 Part 3

Share this…FacebookTwitterIn the final part of our three part series from episode 11, Marto and Poghie share their 2016 highlights, plus a few English lessons herein: Share this…FacebookTwitter

The Hecklers – Episode 10

Share this…FacebookTwitterWe have finally hit double double digits, the heckles in this episode revolve around Kenya cup weeks 5 and 6 with sprinkles of Kenya 7s, enjoy. Share this…FacebookTwitter

To Play or Not To Play – Kenya 7s What Next?

Share this…FacebookTwitterBefore we start, click here to listen to a voice note I received, to the Kenya 7s, from a very concerned fan. We are less than a week away to the opening legs of the 2016/17 sevens season and the Kenya 7s are on

The Hecklers – Episode 8 (Bonus Track.)

Share this…FacebookTwitterEvery once so often, when recording, we run onto a topic we had either not prepared for or just don’t know that much about. Here is an example, Kenya 7s at the Safland 7s, oh and we had a guest too.. Share this…FacebookTwitter

The Hecklers – Episode 7

Share this…FacebookTwitterIn episode 7, we look at the upcoming Kenya cup season, we preview ‘the Mbuzi weekend,’ touch on the internationals, oh we have a new tag line, then make our applications to the Kenya 7s technical bench. Enjoy… Share this…FacebookTwitter