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Five Things To Look Forward To In 2020

The rugby year 2019 served us with some great moments, Chipu playing in their first JWRT since 09, the Lionesses playing in the RWC 2021 qualifiers, they also qualified for the 2021 Olympics as did the Shujaa. It was also the year we saw a

Here Is To 2016 – The Roller Coaster.

If the year 2016 was a roller coaster ride in an amusement park, it would have probably been called ‘the hell riser’ or ‘tower of terror.’ One of those with a big ‘Ride at your own peril’ signs. Like a typical roller coaster ride, 2016

Episode Number 4.

Finally! The Podcasts are back, and this time they are here to stay. In episode 4, we sing, dance and preview the cup finals and stand up for #IAmTribeKenya Enjoy!!

2015 – The Year Of The Lion

When all is said and done, when we are old and worn out, telling exaggerated tales of our great times to whoever would care to listen, memories of 2015 will probably be restricted to those two or three months, when the Lion reigned supreme! If

Elgon Cup On a Knife’s Edge After 1st Leg

The first leg of the 2015 Elgon cup gave us little indication of where the trophies will land, with the Ladies playing out to a 5-5 stalemate while Kenya ‘A’ narrowly edged Uganda 20-17. It was a dull affair in the Women’s category, with the

She Still Hunts, Lionesses Off To Dubai

Its 3.30 pm, Tuesday 12th December 2014, an exhausted Kenya Women’s National Team Manager has all but given up on the team going to Dubai. The much awaited news on the tickets isn’t forthcoming. She seems deep in thought, the despair on her face is

Battle Lines Drawn Ahead Of CARW7s

The atmosphere at the Brook house International School is intense. Minimal giggling and more team calls on game drills. The teams have been staying here and have since undergone various training clinics. The CAR Regional Educator Denver Wannies, has been a common face in these

Journey To The Promised Land

The pack giggle as I bench press at the R.F.U.E.A gym. Its the 3rd week of training and despite my consistency, I still have a long way to go before I can catch up with the fitness levels of the Kenya Lionesses. The team Manager

Women’s Rugby

By @Ominamai Women’s rugby in Kenya is less celebrated unlike the male version of the game. This could be attributed to the general lack of awareness on the sport and more often than not, the stigma associated with women playing rugby. Despite not achieving the

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Dubai 7s The Review.

After three days of high octane action at the sevens stadium in Dubai, the Kenya sides that represented us there can be proud of what they achieved in the desert city. Watembezi The Watembezi pot bellies got off to a great start on their first