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Ten Players To Watch Out For After #Floodies2018

The just concluded 37th edition of the Impala Floodlit will go down as one of the best, in the tournament’s illustrious history, not only for the action on the pitch, but by the sheer numbers it attracted over the three weekends, hope people were taking

Since The Last Time We Spoke Rugby.

A lot has happened since we last spoke rugby on this space, both at the national and club level, there have also been a few interesting side shows. Allow us to catch up.. The Simbas The Simbas played in the Reagan Hotel Cup of nations

Rabadaa Cup – The Story

To properly tell you the Rabadaa story, I will have to go back to 2006, when I met the man who coined the phrase itself, Joshua Tariq Gathumbi, or as we knew him, Rojo. This is early 2006, first term of the school calendar, we

2015 – The Year Of The Lion

When all is said and done, when we are old and worn out, telling exaggerated tales of our great times to whoever would care to listen, memories of 2015 will probably be restricted to those two or three months, when the Lion reigned supreme! If

The Headmaster On Head To Head

Its Back, no really it is, and this time for good hehe. I’ll admit that predicting the sevens series proved to be an effort in futility kind of like kuchota maji na gunia, for me at least. First, a big wabee to Eunice Olembo who

Kenya Rugby For Dummies – Part 1

In appreciation of the fact that, the sport that they play in heaven, is quickly gaining quite a following in the country. We have decided to come up with a guide of sorts, to new rugby fans or guys who are interested in the game.