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Kid Dynamite On Head To Head

Brace yourselves, kid dynamite is on head to head! Have no idea who that is, you are not alone. I often find myself asking who this guys is, despite the fact that we work together on this space. Connoseuir Skarra or Skarra Mishale is nothing

The Headmaster On Head To Head

Its Back, no really it is, and this time for good hehe. I’ll admit that predicting the sevens series proved to be an effort in futility kind of like kuchota maji na gunia, for me at least. First, a big wabee to Eunice Olembo who

This Is How #RWC2015 Will Play Out

Somebody at the Tsunami Studios placed Marto and I in front of a microphone, switched it on and told us to talk about rugby. Below is an unedited excerpt of how we think the upcoming Rugby world cup will pan out. Enjoy! P.S The views

The Party Moves To Vegas!

This weekend, the world sevens caravan moves to one of Kenya’s favourite play grounds both on and off the pitch, Las Vegas. The side arrives at the sin city off the back of a strong showing last weekend in New Zealand, where they bowed out

The Big Boys Are Back!

In many ways this could be termed as a new beginning for the Kenya sevens. New coach, returning players and for the first time in quite a while, we seem to have a room clear of ‘elephants.’ So is this the start of the season

7 Things We Learned From The 2014 Safari 7s

The 18th edition of Africa’s premier rugby sevens tournament went down at the weekend, in the home of heroes, the Safaricom Stadium. It was billed as the biggest Safari sevens yet, but fell just short of the mark on my book. While the quality of