The Dream 7 From The 2019 Stanbic 7s

The 2019 Stanbic National sevens series will go down in history as one of the most entertaining in recent times, both on and off the pitch. We witnessed the rise of a new generation, across the game, from the management of the tournaments, the team technical benches to the playing and officiating units.

It was a great sight to see the next generation taking over the sport, while it also must be said, that the old generation did well to guide the way.

Onto what has brought you here, the dream seven from the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series. The players below were picked based on their individual skill and impact they had on their respective teams, so here we go.

1. Andrew Amonde (KCB)

We are running out of superlatives to describe Simba 001, just when you think that he has faded away, after a tasking fifteens season, he comes into the sevens and puts in an unbelievable shift for the series champions. His work rate was second to none and to say that he is well into his late thirties, he played through the series with the energy of a 19 year old fresh from high school.

2. Vincent Onyala (KCB)

The undisputed series MVP, when he decided, Vincent Onyala took this series by the balls and literally turned it to the Onyala show, refer to Dala and Kakamega. His game awareness, instinct and ability to run off his teammates was a joy to watch, if he keeps this up, we will be on the verge of witnessing an insanely talented player.

3. Monate Akuei (Top Fry Nakuru)

The lanky Mnyore has had a season and a half, from earning his first Simbas cap, to coming and owning the sevens game. His presence in the air was what largely anchored Nakuru’s play, with his work rate on the floor, Monate is shaping up to be a real gem in Kenyan rugby.

4. Michael Wanjala (KCB)

Like every well oiled machine, there is usually that silent cog that keeps everything running insync, the cog in the KCB machine was the mukurugenzi that is Michael Wanjala. Everything good both in attack and defence that came from this KCB side had something to do with Wanjala, whenever they missed him, you could tell the difference.

5. Tony Omondi (Stanbic Mwamba)

You know a player is good when he makes everything look so easy and effortless, that is what Tony the maestro is. Alongside Collo, he pulled the strings in the Kulabu side exquisitely, with a boot that reminded us of one Lavin Asego.

6. Levy Amunga (KCB)

What a debut Levy has made for the bankers, he simply walked into a pride of lions and made his intentions clear, like Wanjala, he is not the loudest of players in terms of play, but his impact is felt by everyone. Levy can literally play across the seven positions and make an impact, he reminds me of a young Collins Injera, but a few paces slower.

7. Collins Injera (Stanbic Mwamba)

This list ends like it started, with a stalwart who has defied age to play at an unreal level. Baba yao, or they daddy, Collo was at the center of everything this exciting Mwamba side, Kulabu without him was simply not Kulabu. The number of times he literally picked this team and carried it on his back and carried them over the line. It was however how he impacted the younger players to play at their best that was impressive to see.

How does your dream seven look like? Let us know in the comments section below.

KWISHA… Nimeruka Nje!!!

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