The 2019 Prinsloo 7s Match Predictor.

With three legs of the 2019 Stanbic National Sevens series, we feel that we have enough background data to try predict how the first division matches at Prinsloo will play out on day one.

So here goes, also feel free to add your predictions in the comments section.

1. Northern Suburbs vs Stanbic Mwamba (Mwamba win by 15)
2. KCB vs Mombasa (KCB win by 20)
3. MMUST vs Kabras (MMUST win by 2)
4. Menengai Oilers vs Egerton Wasps (Oilers win by 10)
5. Nondies vs Western Bulls (Nondies win by 12)
6. Resolution Impala vs Strathmore Leos (Strath win by 2)
7. Menengai Cream Homeboyz vs Blakblad (Homeboyz win by 15)
8. Top Fry Nakuru vs Kenya Harlequins (Nakuru win by 10)
9. Northern Suburbs vs Mombasa (Suburbs win by 14)
10. KCB vs Stanbic Mwamba (Mwamba win by 3)
11. MMUST vs Egerton Wasps (MMUST win by 10)
12. Menengai Oilers vs Kabras (Oilers win by 7)
13. Nondies vs Strathmore (Nondies win by 3)
14. Resolution Impala vs Western Bulls (Impala win by 10)
15. Menengai Cream Homeboyz vs Kenya Harlequins (Homeboyz win by 10)
16. Top Fry Nakuru vs Blak blad (Nakuru win by 12)

At this point, Mwamba, MMUST, Oilers, Homeboyz, Nondies and Nakuru will have proceeded to the Cup draw, with 2 slots to be filled in the last round of matches.

17. Stanbic Mwamba vs Mombasa RFC (Mwamba win by 20)
18. KCB vs Northern Suburbs (KCB win by 5)
19. Kabras vs Egerton Wasps (Kabras win by 7)
20. Menengai Oilers vs MMUST (Oilers win by 5)
21. Western Bulls vs Strathmore (Strathmore win by 7)
22. Resolution Impala vs Nondies (Nondies win by 2)
23. Blak blad vs Kenya Harlequins (Quins win by 10)
24. Top Fry Nakuru vs Menengai Cream Homeboyz (Nakuru win by 7)

Hence the Day two Draw will look something like this…

Challenge Trophy Quarter Finals :
Northern Suburb Cubs vs Egerton Wasps
Western Bulls vs Kenya Harlequins
Kabras vs Mombasa RFC
Resolution Impala vs Blak blad

Cup Quarter Finals :
Stanbic Mwamba vs MMUST
Top Fry Nakuru vs Strathmore Leos
Menengai Oilers vs KCB
Nondies vs Menengai Cream Homeboyz.

From this point, it will be anyone’s tournament to win. Remember to share your predictions and let’s compare notes on Monday.

KWISHA… Nimeruka Nje!!!

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