It Is Time For Mazematic At The Driftwood 7s

As we head to the final leg of the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series, I will advise you to look for ‘mtu wa mazematic,’ because you will need them.

With one leg to go, this was the ending we were all hoping for, three sides all in with a realistic chance of winning the Ksh. 500,000 prize money that comes with the title of the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series overall winner.

KCB (94) hold a ten point advantage over Stanbic Mwamba (84) at the top of the series standings, with Top Fry Nakuru (83)in third place, one point behind Mwamba. So how does the math look like?

First, the magic number is 106 points, which is the maximum number of points that second placed Stanbic Mwamba can reach, anything above this wins KCB the series, let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

For KCB to win, 107 is the number, to get there, they need to finish in 5th place at the Driftwood sevens, which will earn them 13 points for a total points tally of 107.

For Mwamba to win the series title, they will have to win the Driftwood sevens cup title and hope that KCB lose at the 5th place final or finish in a lower position.

As it stands Mwamba hold a 20 point advantage over KCB in the ‘aggregate points scored’ column, so if KCB lose at the 5th place final and Mwamba win the Driftwood 7s title, the two sides will be tied on 106 points. If the black shirts hold on to their superior points differential, they will win the overall title.

So for these two sides, it is not only about winning games, it might boil down to who has put more points on the board.

Nakuru’s route to the overall title is a bit more complicated, but still very realistic. For the Wanyore to win the series, they will have to win the Driftwood sevens title (105) and hope that KCB don’t get past the 5th place semi final.

Else if they do not win the Driftwoods title, they will have to finish above Mwamba and hope KCB have a monumental collapse.

Not so complicated after all, right? So what if these three all fall out of the cup competition, well with the difference in points between the Challenge trophy winner and 13th place semi finalist being 7 points, it is safe to say that KCB will win the overall series title, no matter who else wins in Driftwood.

How about a quick run through the Driftwood sevens pools?

KCB sit in Pool A, where they will face off against MMUST, Kenya Harlequins and the Administration Police. It looks like a tricky pool, but one that they should at the very least, qualify for the Cup quarter finals from. Their biggest challenge should come from MMUST and the now rising Kenya Harlequins.

Pool B hosts the Top Fry Nakuru who will take on neighbours Menengai Oilers, Blak blad and hosts Mombasa. Quite a straightforward pool for the Wanyore, the only issue here would be who between them and the Oilers finishes above the other and in turn avoids KCB, assuming the bankers finish first in Pool A.

Imagine the possibility of a Nakuru vs KCB cup quarter final…

Pool C, sees Resolution Impala take on Nondies, Strathmore Leos and the Northern Suburb Cubs, in what could be a potentially explosive pool. While it does not host any title contenders expect some nail biting encounters here and a toe to toe race to the cup quarter final slots, between the four sides.

Stanbic Mwamba headline Pool D, where they meet the Menengai Cream Homeboyz, Kabras Sugar and Mean Machine. This should be a walk in the park for Kulabu, whose toughest opposition should come from the DJs. They will then await the second placed side in Pool C for a chance to play at the Cup semi final.

If KCB and Stanbic Mwamba finish top of their pools and both make it past their respective Cup quarter finals, we will have a repeat of the Christie sevens cup semi final, in Mombasa and while the series title will have already been decided at this point, it would be a superb match up, wouldn’t it?

Like the host city, the 2019 Driftwood sevens promises to be a hot weekend of rugby action, both on and off the field of play, with the organisers and sponsors pulling out all stops to ensure that we have a memorable weekend in Mombasa.

So who do you think will win the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series overall title? Share your answers in the comments section and tupatane Mwambasani…

KWISHA… Nimeruka Nje!!!

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