Dream 7 From 2015 Series

With the dust from the 2015 sevens series having settled, how about we look back and pick the best seven players from what was a highly competitive series?

Here are my picks :

1. Dan Sikuta (Mwamba)

His was one of the easier picks in this side, Sikuta played a pivotal role in Kulabu’s charge rarely putting a foot wrong in the 5 weekends. His work rate, ball carrying exploits and finishing instinct put him head above shoulders over the rest. Others in this position that deserve a mention are Tony Owuor of Strathmore and Andrew Amonde of KCB.

Dan Sikuta

Dan Sikuta

2. Patrice Agunda (Kenya Harlequin)
What Sikuta was for Mwamba, Patrice was for Quins. His work ethic was probably the best in the series. Though not the flashiest of players, Agunda’s work at the breakdown is what sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Until his injury in Nakuru, Philip Wamae of KCB was probably Patrice’s biggest challenger.

Patrice Agunda (Photo Mid-Ego Fotography)

Patrice Agunda (Photo Mid-Ego Fotography)

3. Philip Kwame (Nakuru)

Another work horse to round up the forwards, while we admit that Nakuru’s exploits were not down to one man, behind the likes of Geoffrey Ominde, Gramwel Bunyasi, David Kivuti and Nelson Oyoo making headlines, there was one man constantly setting the platform for them, the Pink Panther, Philip Kwame.

Philip Kwame (Photo : MoR)

Philip Kwame (Photo : MoR)

For a big guy he comes with some great ball skills, is a tower at the line out, rock solid in defence, packs a killer hand off and is a presence at the break down. Davis Chenge of Western Bulls is worth a mention here.

4. Jone Kubu Kongaya (Kabras)

‘That Kabras Fijian’ he was the toast of the Kabras side, whenever he had the ball in hand you knew something special was about to happen and more often than not, it did. It is hard to believe that Jone is only 19, especially when you look at the fact that he is no push over in defence.

 Jone Kubu Kongaya (Photo : Kabras Sugar)

Jone Kubu Kongaya (Photo : Kabras Sugar)

He carried the master key to every team’s defence and was a joy to watch over the 5 legs, though a bit of a hot head, he would be a perfect fit in the Kenya sevens side, don’t you think?

Shaban Ahmed, Ken Moseti and Geoffrey Ominde are worthy mentions here.

5. Biko Adema (Nondies)

After a long injury lay off and a dip in form, Biko looked like a player on a mission in this series. He turned back the clock to the Biko we saw some time in 2010-11, pulling the strings in attack with a deft touch and surprisingly solid in defence.

Biko Adema (Photo : Mid-Ego Fotography)

Biko Adema (Photo : Mid-Ego Fotography)

Though he only played in 3 legs, his contribution to the Nondies side was evident. His best showing came at the Christie sevens, where even though he was played at center, he delivered. His versatility clearly showing.

Others worth a mention here are Brian Tanga of Kabras, Don Aluoch of Nakuru, Benjamin Ojema of KCB and Tony Onyango of Strathmore.

6. Collins Injera (Mwamba)

Many will argue that the Chuchu train had a quiet series by his standards, but take a closer look at his contribution at the Driftwood and Kabeberi legs especially on Day 2 and you will realise just how influential he was.

At Kabeberi especially alongside his brother, he was vital in setting the tempo for the young lads and who can forget his run in the cup final? He has added a new dimension to his game in this series, playing from center and polishing up on the kicking side.

Collins Injera

Collins Injera

Others worth mentioning here are Willy Ambaka of Quins, who had a great series for Quins, his contribution especially at the breakdown was immense. Oscar Ayodi of Homeboyz is another notable player in this position.

7. Alvin Otieno (Homeboyz)

I must admit that this was my toughest pick of the seven, I mauled over this one for quite a while in the end settling for Buffa, here is why.

In a very inconsistent Homeboyz outfit, Alvin Otieno was always the constant. His consistency especially in the try scoring department over the 5 weekends , was second to none in the series. Averaging 5 tries a weekend, Alvin Otieno was the Djs go to man. He was just as devastating without ball in hand.

Alvin Otieno (Photo : Mid-Ego Fotography)

Alvin Otieno (Photo : Mid-Ego Fotography)

His biggest competition for this slot came in the form of Billy Odhiambo of Strathmore, who almost had an equally impressive five legs. Gramwel Bunyasi of Nakuru and Epeli Bukadi of Kabras also join in on that list.

There we have it, with the exception of Jone Kobu, the rest are all part of the national sevens training squad. Meaning I am on the right track towards the national squads selection committee right? hehehe

How does your dream seven look like? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

KWISHA…Nimeruka Nje!!

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Dream 7 From 2015 Series”

  1. Brayo says:

    My picks; Dan Sikuta, Patrice Agunda, Philip Kwame, Shaban Ahmed, Biko Adema, Collins Injera, Churchill Ooko in that order

  2. Reagan says:

    Replace Adema with Ojema and the squad is good to go

  3. KIRUIRUI says:

    Homeboy’s Oscar Ayodi should have had a fix in the Team based on his performance

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