We Call Upon You, The Simba!

We call upon you the simba to sing us a song, cause we have been waiting for too…

We call upon you the Simba!

Greetings Simba (Insert Roar here),

Your mission, which you will naturally accept, is from this point on, to join your pride, for this season’s special hunt. A hunt that we came very close to being successful at a few years back, memories of how close we got still haunt us, we have to get this one right.

This season’s hunt will take us from the hills of Kampala, to the beaches of Morocco and the desserts of Namibia, but most importantly we will hunt on our pride land on three occasions. While we might not be able to be there to roar alongside our pride in those far flung lands, we definitely can get behind them by all means possible (read digital media).

It is however at home where our presence needs to be felt, like never before, that we instill both fear and envy in our enemies and whoever dares stand against us on our patch. That the pride feels our support at every turn and every step, that they know this is their fortress.

So join us and lift your heads, gather your mates and raise your voices (and your typing fingers) as we get ready to roar on with our pride! For the strength of a pride is in its Simba and you are the real Simba…

Lion’s paw!

The dates :

Uganda vs Kenya – 26th May, 2018 (Kampala)
Morocco vs Kenya – 23rd June, 2018 (Rabat)
Kenya vs Zimbabwe – 30th June, 2018 (RFUEA)
Kenya vs Uganda – 7th July, 2018 (RFUEA)
Kenya vs Tunisia – 11th August, 2018 (RFUEA)

Namibia vs Kenya – 18th August, 2018 (Windhoek)

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