The Kang’ethe Twins

The Tusker Simba XV face the Border Bulldogs in their 1st away match of the Vodacom Cup. We caught up with the Kang’ethe Brothers before their trip to East London.

“We know it’s not going to be a walk in the park. We’re definitely missing home meals the most, especially mum’s cooking”

Standing a commanding 6ft 1’ they are easy to spot on the pitch. They are inseparable and even train side by side.

Many would remember these forwards for being instrumental in Kenya’s victory against Zimbabwe in 2013 CAR Cup in Madagascar. When they were not available for the Tri-nations in Namibia late last year, the rugby lovers, despite believing in the team felt that their absence will cost Kenya.

The twins with Jerome holding the CAR cup

The twins with Jerome holding the CAR cup


Kenya lost both its matches in Namibia. The loss can’t solely be attributed to the absence of the twins however one can insinuate that their presence would have had a positive impact.

They make a comeback to the Tusker Simba squad versus the Border Bulldogs after being rested when the team faced SWD Eagles last weekend.


They were born  Joseph and James Kang’the on 6th January 1989. James is the loudest while Joseph is the quiet one. They attended Makini Primary, Mang’u High and recently graduated from The Edith Cowan University in Australia where they studied International Business. Their elder brother Steve Kang’ethe played semi pro rugby for 4 years in Canada while studying at the Guelph University.

When did you fall in love with rugby?

Joseph: In 2003 while watching the World Cup.

James: In 2005 while in Mang’u High.

What would you describe as a major highlight of your playing career?

Joseph: Playing in the Super 15 from 2011-2013

James: Winning CAR Cup in 2013

What inspires you on the pitch?

Joseph: Hardwork

James: The will to win and hardwork.

What other sport would you have played if not rugby?

Joseph: Swimming, cricket or hockey

James: Boxing or football

What impact does playing together have on your game?

Joseph: It improves our game given we know each other better.

What’s your favorite food?

Joseph: Rice and beans

James: Rice and chicken

What impact do you think Jerome has had on the team ever since he started working with them?

Both: Definitely a huge impact. In a nutshell, No Jerome, No Kenya 15s.

The coach calls the team for training and we have to bid the brothers adios!

Kenya Fifteens Squad to face Border Bulldogs:

15. Isaac Adimo, 14. Leonard Mugaisi, 13. Fabian Olando, 12. Nick Barasa, 11.Cyprian Kuto, 10. Kenny Andola, 9. Edwin Achayo, 8.Joshua Chisanga, 7.Brian Nyikuli, 6. Mike Okombe, 5. Oliver Mang’eni, 4. Wilson Kopondo (captain), 3.Joseph Kang’ethe, 2. Max Adaka, 1.James Kang’ethe

16. Curtis Lilako, 17.Edward Oseko, 18. Tony Mutai, 19. Martin Owila, 20.Lyle Asiligwa, 21. Dennis Muhanji, 22.Tony Onyango

Venue: Buffalo City Stadium , East London

Time: 4.00pm EAT

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