Strath To Complete Double Over DJs

Match day 13, up step the loudest, most cheerful being you will meet in Kenya rugby. Dull, boring, normal are words that do not exist when you interact with my guest.

The one pengo monster.

The one pengo monster.

From that introduction you can already probably tell that my guest, like everything extra ordinary, comes in a small package. You will find him on a Saturday afternoon doing duty for the Kenya Harlequins, despite his two siblings Horace Otieno and Hyke Otieno plying their trade for Mwamba RFC. (Their family dinners must be real interesting..)

For match day 13, I host my dance partner in crime, the one pengo monster with a heart bigger than life itself, all round cool kid, Godfrey ‘Goddie’ Okoth, Jatelo. We’ll skip the chit chat and head straight to the predictions :

Blad vs Impala – Impala +50 over Blad considering they have been on a points collection spree.
Djz vs Strath- Starth +5 over Djz, wanafunzi waliamua kuwapea talaka.
Machine vs Quins- Quins +60 over machine pigaa the hope built sijui on nini out of them.
Nondies vs Kabras- Kabras +30 over retired lions hehe.
Thika vs Mwamba- hehehe hapa let me be nice juu ya #RfamilyAfiliations Mwamba +25 over nanasi boys.
Western bull vs KCB – after the first round hehe mmmh bankers will hepa with a ka mere +10 over bulls.

Here I go.

Impala +40 over Blad.
Homeboyz +3 over Strathmore.
Quins +50 over Machine.
Kabras +30 over Nondies.
Mwamba +60 over Thika.
KCB +15 over Bulls.

Quite a straight forward weekend, at least on paper.

Over to you…

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Strath To Complete Double Over DJs”

  1. James says:

    Impala +70 over Blad.
    Strathmore +5 over Homeboyz.
    Quins +70 over Machine.
    Kabras +10 over Nondies.
    Mwamba +50 over Thika.
    Bulls +10 over KCB
    Nakuru +100 over Sharks

  2. Wammamy says:

    Strath +15over DJ
    Western Bulls +3 over kcb
    Impala +55 Over Blad
    Nakuru +90 overr Sharks
    Quins +55 over Machine
    Mwamba +45 over Thika

  3. Dennis Usman Gatuha says:

    Mwamba +35 over Thika
    Nakuru +60 over Sharks
    Quins +40 over M. Machine
    Strathmore +3 over Djs
    Kabras +10 over Nondies
    KCB +5 over Bulls
    Impala +60 over Black Blad

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