Put Your Money On the Ks – The Under Taker.

My guest for the play offs need no introduction to a rugby fan, especially one who reads this space frequently. We call him the Undertaker, Tito Oduk.

The Under taker.

The Under taker.

I ran a feature on him 3 years ago, when he had first announced his retirement. Like all greats, the nerveless warrior didn’t honour his first call to retirement.

Since then he has coached a Super series winning side, went back to play for Strathmore Leos, before returning home to Mwamba, where he supposedly played his last match over the weekend, a 12 all draw against Nondies. I use the word supposedly for I still strongly think that we haven’t seen the last of Tito.

To commemorate his retirement however, we caught up for head to head, this will be his second run here. Last time out, we played out to a draw.

He keeps his predictions, short, sharp, clear and with the Ks:

Kabras by 5 over Nakuru.
KCB by 10 over Homeboyz.

Mine look like this :

Nakuru over Kabras by 3
KCB over Homeboyz by 5.

Who do you see making the semi finals?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Put Your Money On the Ks – The Under Taker.”

  1. Dabu says:

    Nakuru + 5 over kabras
    Homeboys +1 over KCB

  2. James says:

    KCB have been off their feet this season, however I reflect that they are the floodlit champions, capable of smothering anyone in their sleep. Homeboyz lack the bite that was Chisanga and I reckon will struggle to get past this KCB, a refocused after bunch their loss to Mwamba.

    Kabras vs Nakuru.. it’s going to be a cracker, as always, however the trend has been lose at home, win away, Kabras are at home hence

    Tito welcome to the sidelines, you can pick up a camera and join this fine team of pundits if you wish, thank you for your service.

    Nakuru +5
    KCB + 10

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