Poghie vs Arigi Results

Last week we kicked off our head to head segment, with Arigi as our first guest, here are the results.

Match Arigi Poghie Result Arigi Points Poghie Points
Nondies vs Homeboyz HB +12 over Nondies Nondies +15 over HB 30-8 0 2
Quins vs Western Bulls Bulls +10 over Quins Bulls +10 over Quins 5-15 4 4
Mwamba vs Catholic Mwamba +25 over Catholic Mwamba +50 over Catholic 77-3 2 2
Nakuru vs Blak Blad Nakuru +60 over Blad Nakuru +30 over Blad 44-0 2 2
Impala vs Strathmore Strath +10 over Impala Strath +5 over Impala 14-37 2 2
KCB vs Machine KCB +28 over Machine KCB +30 over Machine 50-15 2 2
Mombasa vs Kabras Kabras +30 over Mombasa Kabras +40 over Mombasa 11-38 2 2
TOTAL 14 16


Just a quick reminder on the points system, 4 points for an exact prediction, 2 points for a correct result i.e win or loss and 0 points for anything else, although we might award a point for a close call.

Tight one that was, but I just edge the waziri…next up I take on the King of Facebook, aka Head rugby socialite, Stephen ‘Syoks’ Musyoka.

What do you think?

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