Nakuru vs Quins To End In A Draw

For match day 12, I host a true mzae of the game, well not Tank, Osborne or Karis like old, but somewhere along those streets. He can probably sit down with the above and discuss a thing or two.

Brian Malenya

Brian Malenya

Here is a brief history of the man. In the 90s when the soccer bug had dominated Western Kenya, there were some who were a bit overweight for sport. It was then that the new rugby bug bit Brian Malenya, at Bungoma High School, after which he joined the Ulinzi RFC.

At Ulinzi that he played alongside other maestros like Nick Kusienya Nick Kiptala, Allan Madonye and Allan Makaka. Brian was a utility backrown in 15s but the hooker in the Ulinzi 7s team. He also played the role of a sweeper throughout the period that Ulinzi dominated the sevens circuit like a colossus monkey in the Equatorial Kakamega Forest, (those are his exact words by the way) alongside the likes of Dennis ‘Iron-man’ Mwanja, Jeff Vilembwa, Paul ‘Pau’ Murunga Amunavi, Emmanuel Shitote and Mike Ashimosi.

He then rose to captain the Shujaa in 2003, Newton Ong’alo was then Kenya 7s captain, deputised by Impala’s Bill Odongo. Brian also captained Ulinzi for the last three years before it was disbanded. A time which saw him mentor the likes of Humphrey Kayange and Collins Injera.

Brian now spends his time bird watching in the Murakaville area near the crying stone of Kakamega. Together with Emmanuel Lubembe, Hila Itela, Allan Gohole and other well wishers they plan to establish, fund and run the Khayega Rugby Football Club at the bull fighting grounds of Ikolomani and Shinyalu.

Trust me this intro was more than 3 pages long, yes it also had a handful of shout outs and ‘salams’ hehe, I should have Brian back for a real feature. Here are his predictions, yes with a story to go with :

Nakuru vs Quins will be a draw, home ground advantage vs a consistent team.
I went to Bungoma High School and therefore I feel Bungoma will beat Thika by 25 – 10.
KCB will get a cricket score over Mean Machine, about 80 – 10
Strath and Bulls will be 22 – 15.
Mwamba 25 – 33 Homeboyz.
Kabras 70 – 05 Blak Blad.
Impala and Nondies will be a tight affair in the first half, Impala will then claim a 34-25 win.

Here I go :

Thika RFC +5 over Bungoma Sharks (If they will travel)
Kenya Harlequins +10 over Nakuru.
KCB +40 over Mean Machine
Impala +20 over Nondies
Strathmore +15 over Western Bulls
Homeboyz +10 over Mwamba
Kabras +70 over Blakblad

Haya turn chenu….

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Nakuru vs Quins To End In A Draw”

  1. The House is Back says:

    This is the redemption weekend.

    Thika RFC +10 over Bungoma Sharks
    Kenya Harlequins +5 over Nakuru.
    KCB +60 over Mean Machine
    Impala +30 over Nondies
    Western Bulls +10 over Strathmore
    Mwamba +12 over Homeboyz
    Kabras +30 over Blakblad

  2. Wammamy says:

    quins to win than less than 3
    strath to win by 21 points
    kcb to beat machine by 50
    kabras 50 over ku
    impala 30 over Nondies
    Bungoma 7 over Thika
    homboyz 15 over Mwamba

  3. ris says:

    Nakuru +5 against quins
    Mwamba +10 against homeboys
    Nondies +3 against impala
    Kcb +30 against machine
    Thika +10against sharks
    Strathmore +10 against bulls
    Kabras +40 against KU

  4. Dabu says:

    Hiyo call yenu ya Quins over Nakuru aiko BTW..
    Nakuru +5 over Quins
    Mwamba +3 over HB
    Leos +30 over WB
    Impala +15 over Nondies
    KCB +50 over Machine
    Kabras +70 over blad
    Thika +10 over Bungoma

  5. kaula says:

    Quinz +15
    Impala +15
    Mwamba +5
    KCB +70
    Kabras + 70
    Strath +20
    Thika +7

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