Match Day 5 vs Syoks

For match day 5, Head to Head features the King of Facebook. Social media guru by day, head rugby socialite by night, Kulabu die hard over the weekend, Stephen Musyoka aka Syoks.


Photo – Arigi Obiero

Match day 5 offers a real set of tricky fixtures, the pick of the bunch being the clash between KCB and Impala and the derby pitting age old rivals Quins and Nondies. In between we have equally exciting and largely unpredictable pairings. With Homeboyz taking on Mwamba, Strathmore battling Western Bulls and the Monks taking on Mombasa.

In what is set to be a real case of diving in to test the waters leading with both legs, Syoks has gone out on a limb and given exact score lines. Very brave from my opponent, I however stick to my range format.

Here we go..

Match Poghie Syoks
KCB vs Impala KCB over Impala by 10. KCB 42-5 Impala.
Quins vs Nondies Nondies over Quins by 15. Quins 30-15 Nondies.
Strathmore vs Bulls Strathmore over Bulls by 15. Strathmore 10-25 Bulls.
Mwamba vs Homeboyz Mwamba over Homeboyz by 15. Mwamba 32-22 Homeboyz.
Nakuru vs Machine Nakuru over Machine by 40. Nakuru 47-10 Machine.
Kabras vs Blakblad Kabras over Blad by 20. Kabras 37-7 Blad.
Monks vs Mombasa Mombasa over Monks by 10. Mombasa 7-20 Monks.


Interesting from Syoks, lets see how this one pans out, remember the current score is, Poghie 16-14 Guests. That points system for you again, 4 points for an exact prediction i.e result and score, 2 points for a correct result prediction i.e win,draw or loss, 0 points for anything else. We will however award half a point for a close result.

Remember you can always join in the fun by posting your predictions in the comments section. We had very successful entries, lets see how you do this week. Also keep your nominations for the guys you want to see here…

KWISHA…Nimeruka Nje!!!

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Match Day 5 vs Syoks”

  1. James Wahome says:

    Time to play prophet!

    KCB vs Impala Impala over KCB by 5.
    Quins vs Nondies Quins over Nondies by 15.
    Strathmore vs Bulls Strathmore over Bulls by 10.
    Mwamba vs Homeboyz Mwamba over HomeBoyz by 10
    Nakuru vs Machine Nakuru over Machine by 50.
    Kabras vs Blakblad Kabras over Blad by 40.
    Monks vs Mombasa Monks over Mombasa by 20

    Kibet, over to you

    1. byrum says:

      Kidogo Pogie hanma confidence na hawa madeejays..Homeboyz 10 over mwamba,strath 10 over bulls,kabras 15 over blad , monks 25-7 Mombasa n Nakuru 50 over to machine

  2. TC-Dabu says:

    Jamo ndio hiyo basi…ill try out syoks way of predicting with scores,,KCB and impala high scoring game KCB 35 Impala 26,Quins unlikely to win another game this year Quins 8 Nondies 22, In this fixture one team will be brought back to earth, yeh u guessed right,bulls, Leos 50 bulls 13,Mwamba easy weekend Mwamba 35 HB 19,Nakuru easy bonus Nakuru 50 machine 17,Kabras 32 blak blad 24, and finally Monks 20 Mombasa 10…

  3. byrum says:

    Next jakadaddy tuone Kama ni kelele tu ama he actually watches rugby..

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