Mama Kayai Sneaks Away With The Win.

Match Day 8 was always going to be an interesting affair, with that many 50/50 matches on the cards. At the end of the day, our respective club allegiances had a big impact on the results, one way or another.


Shallom decided to side with her Quin, backing them for the win against the DJs, on my part, I backed Nakuru against KCB, we were both wrong.

Here are the weekend’s results

Nondies 30-12 Blak Blad.
Strathmore Leos 14-29 Impala.
Nakuru 10-28 KCB.
Mwamba 32-37 Kabras Sugar.
MHomeboyz 15-10 Quins.
Mean Machine 19-29 Western Bulls.

Shallom’s Score card:

Nondies 21-18 Blak Blad = 3.
Strathmore 14-22 Impala = 3.
Mean Machine 18-7 Western Bulls = 0.
Nakuru 10-27 KCB = 4, bonus for that close call.
Mwamba 23-21 Kabras Sugar = 0.
Homeboyz 17-28 Quins = 0.

TOTAL = 10/30

Poghie’s Score Card:

Nondies over Blak Blad by 7 = 3.
Impala over Strathmore by 12 = 3.
Mean Machine Draw against Western Bulls = 0.
Nakuru over KCB by 3 = 0.
Kabras over Mwamba by 10 = 3.
Quins over Homeboyz by 7 = 0.

TOTAL = 9/30.

That bonus on the Nakuru vs KCB match, was the difference between us, I come up just short for this one. A big thank you to her for taking up the challenge, drink yako kujia weekend hehe. A big shout out to Gatuha who took on the challenge hapo comments section, 12/30, not bad at all.

Let’s meet up here next weekend…

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