Guka Cool Backs The DJs

First thing first, congratulations to Mama Kayai who sneaked in a ka-win last weekend after a lucky bonus point. Onto this week’s guest.

The King Midget

Every once in a while you come across a man way cooler than his age, meet one George Gachui aka Pozza.

For a man who played his rugby alongside the likes of Mwangi Muthee, Arrest and also tried out soccer with Kadenge, Pozza is probably cooler than all of us combined, he definitely is the coolest Octogenarian this side of the Sahara, the fittest one too.

A King in the land of midgets (Yes we do have a kingdom), Pozza is what the elves aspire to be when they pop out somewhere in the North pole.

On the week of his 40th (We all know he is 80+ but we just play along), I host the King midget and events guru George Pozza. A Quin through and through, an us guys of saints and USIU but with a thindigua bias, with stories from here to the 60s, a father to all Tummy boyz.

His predictions:

KCB v Mean Machine – KCB by 30
Kabras v Nakuru – Kabras by 5
Western Bulls v Mwamba – Mwamba by 10
Impala v Homeboyz – Homeboyz by 5
Quins v Nondies – Quins by 10
Blak Blad v Strathmore Leos – Blakblad by 5

Here are mine:

KCB v Mean Machine – KCB by 32
Kabras v Nakuru – Kabras by 17
Western Bulls v Mwamba – Mwamba by 19
Impala v Homeboyz – Homeboyz by 3
Quins v Nondies – Quins by 15
Blak Blad v Strathmore Leos – Strathmore by 10

Pretty straight forward,that university derby will definitely be the tie breaker. What do you think?

Remember to join us for Guka’s grand 40th bash this Saturday at the Quins Bar, right after the Nondies vs Quins match, where the loser here will buy the first round of shots! We’ll also throw in osbke’s 3rd birthday hapo mahali, see you then.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Guka Cool Backs The DJs”

  1. Gatuha Dennis says:

    Nakuru to beat Kabras by +3.
    KCB +15 over Machine.
    Quins to return to winning ways by annihilating Nondies, +15.
    Mwamba to narrowly claim Bulls scalp, +5.
    Leos +5 over Blad.
    Impala +3 over Homeboyz.

  2. Kaula says:

    Kabras over Nakuru by +12
    KCB over Machine by +40
    Quins over Nondies by +20
    Mwamba over Bulls by +12
    Leos over Blad by +7
    Impala over Homeboyz by +6

  3. Essie says:

    rest in peace Pozza, i really feel sad today.

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