5 Things You Must Experience At The Elgon Cup

It is no doubt, the most anticipated fixture on the Kenya rugby international calendar, and it happens tomorrow. The Simbas taking on the Uganda rugby cranes, in Nairobi, more specific The RFUEA. Remember that once they took this fixture Kasarani?

A Mexican wave on the move.. (Photo – Michael Khateli)

There is always something special in the air whenever we host our ‘noisy neighbours,’ no matter how far off they might have fallen off the pace in the recent past. Not so long ago, this was the only test match we had in a year.

This year Uganda will be one of six home tests we will witness, yet it still retains its special place in the Kenya rugby calendar. Though the result might be all but decided, here are a few things I think you should experience tomorrow at the RFUEA, especially if this will be your first time at the game.

The Mexican Wave – Top of my list, is the Mexican wave, unlike other experiences, this one is bound to hit you wherever it is you decide to sit. There are fewer feelings that can beat jumping to your feet in unison with your mates, while shouting at the top of your voices then sitting down and watching the ripple effect.

The Kayumbet – This can take many forms and might vary on the fun-O-meter depending on where you chose to sit. It is basically a dance that happens every time Kenya score a try (Don’t worry you’ll know when they do.) The popular dance basically involves you going round in circles, how we manage to make this basic movement so much fun still baffles me.

A Rugby Chant – Though a rare sighting in recent times, it will be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll leave with from the grounds. You might be singing along to the chant for weeks to come. For this one I advise you sit either on the left side of the VIP stand, or on the far right of the Safaricom stand. The singers love to sit there.

No one leaves a rugby match immediately after the final whistle, for it is then that the actual game begins.

The Sherehe – You might have heard that no one leaves a rugby match immediately after the final whistle, for it is then that the actual game begins. Tomorrow make a point of visiting the ‘Village’ area, the party is bound to be one for the ages. Also during the day, there will be tonnes of activities and food to sample.

The Banter – Rugby, banter and beer are joined at the hip. No matter where you will be seated tomorrow, you will definitely have that one fan who will be shouting at the top of his voice, either towards the Ref or the players. I hope you will be in luck to find one of the real funny ones.

Apart from the above, I hope you will be able to really enjoy the match, learn a little about this game played in heaven. See you all tomorrow, I’ll be the small guy with a big voice, shouting through the speakers after every two minutes, I apologize for that…maybe I’ll be seeing you at more games after this.

KWISHA…Nimeruka Nje!!!

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