5 Key Moments That Cost Kabras The Kenya Cup Title.

By Tito Oduk.

1. PW15’s Goal kicking

In the First half PW15 missed two conversions that would have taken Kabras to 17-7 instead the score was 13-7 ,only one converted try and KCB would be back in the lead.

Photo – Dennis Acre-half

2. PW15 Failing to find touch off a penalty(Unforced error 1)

With Kabras leading 13-7 they got a relieving penalty on their 40m line, PW15 miscued the kick and failed to find touch, in the subsequent counter attack KCB score a try and convert it. Scores 14-13. Remember my first point about missed conversions.

3. PW15 kicking a 22 drop out straight out to touch(Unforced Error 2)

PW15 sends a 22 dropout straight out. In the subsequent scrum KCB score an unconverted try 19-13

4. Coleman Were’s quick tap penalty when the scores were at 29-24. (What were you thinking!!!)

3 Minutes to go Kabras gets a penalty in the KCB 40m, their lineout had been functioning very well and in fact their first try was a maul off of a lineout. I blame the Senior Players. This is what is called a coach killer.

5. Failure to put the KCB scrum under constant pressure and get their props carded.

As a rule when you push the opposing scrum on the first take, keep doing it until one of their props gets yellow carded. Kabras’ failure to put pressure on the KCB scrum despite their obvious superiority killed their hopes of winning the Final. This is one area they would have put KCB to the sword but after one dominant scrum, resorted to using it as a launch for their back line moves (or lack of moves) which were easily defended. The psychological impact would have been massive.

P.S Tito ‘the Undertaker’ Oduk is a New Zealand trained coach and former Kenyan International having played his club Rugby for Mean Machine, Mwamba RFC and Kenya Harlequins. As a player he has won the Eric Shirley Shield, Kenya Cup, Enterprise Cup and the Super series title (Both as player and coach) Read more about him here – http://www.osbke.com/features/the-legends-chronicles-tito-oduk-chapter/

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