Must Do Things While On BRSS Tuwaa

With the introduction of the Supa Sato concept in this year’s Bamburi Super Series, where all matches will be played in one venue. You as a rugby fan will probably find yourself in a new town, on a Friday or a Sunday, with little or no idea of what to do with your free time.

Well below is a list of things you just have to do in each of the five venues that will host the super series.

Match Day One, 26.04.2014 ‘Tukwaniriza ekampala’

If it is match day one, then you are definitely in the capital of Uganda, Kampala. The hilly city will host the opening weekend of the 2014 super series. The first match will see Victoria take on the Chui at 2pm, followed by the Rwenzori taking on the Papa at tea time.

According to my expert on the city, you basically have three easy things to try out. First people in Kampala drink their beer using straws, yes least make your first beer in Kampala memorable.

Secondly, the man swears on some rolex (basically chapati rolled together with fried eggs among mchanganyiko maalum) made at a place called Wandegeya, by a guy called Ssudi. I am told that this guy is Kampala’s Sanford, if you are familiar with Nairobi’s night life, you understand. While at the Kyadondo rugby club, also make sure you sample the pork they make there.

Finally a boda boda ride around the city will be a good idea, it is not that big a city, trust me.


Victoria v Chui – 2.00 pm
Rwenzori v Papa – 4.00pm

Match Day Two, 3.05.2014 ‘Kakamega khuli ano’

On Match Day two, we cross back into the mother land and make our first stop in Kakamega. Now this will be a trip to ushagoo for a good number of the players in the franchises.

Kakamega being the bread basket of Kenya rugby most will be at home. The town will see Papa take on the Kifaru at 2pm, with Ndovu playing Victoria at 4pm.

While in Kakamega, it goes without saying that you must sample real ingokho (chicken). Second on the list, is something called mukombera, this I will leave to your own discretions. Carry out your research on the same, know its effects then arrange yourself accordingly if you decide to partake of the root. There’s a place called Blue post that cooks chapatis as big as a santuri, must be worth a try, and also I hear that they eat raw termites.

A visit to the infamous ‘bench’ at the Muliro gardens also came up highly recommended. You will most probably not get as lucky as the guys who made the gardens famous but I am told that it is a great place to kick back and relax none the less.

Papa v Kifaru – 2.00pm
Ndovu v Victoria – 4.00pm

Match Day Three, 17.05.2014, ‘Karibu Nax Vegas’

Match day three will have us make our way to the rift town of Nakuru, home of the top fry Nakuru RFC. The Nakuru Athletic Club will play host to the Kifaru taking on the Rwenzori in the early kick off, with the Ndovu battling the Chui later in the afternoon.

Nax vegas as it is commonly referred to, due to it’s activities after the sun has set, actually has a few things (literally) to do during the day. First on the list is a visit to the Nakuru National park, home of the flamingoes. A ride in the town in a tuk tuk is also a plan.

If you are like me then you will probably want to utilise the free wireless services, probably catch up with the latest stories here. In all honesty, you will have more to do after the sun has set.

Kifaru v Rwenzori – 2.00pm

Ndovu v Chui – 4.00pm

Match Day Four, 24.05.2014, ‘Ni Kalivu Masaku’

My favourite stop over out of the five, takes me home to the first capital of Kenya, Machakos. The town will host the semi finals with the first one pitting the top side from Pool B against the runner up in Pool A at 2 PM. The second semi will see the top finisher in Pool A take on the second placed finisher from Pool B.

The People's park

The People’s park

First thing first, when you get to Masaku head on to T-Tot and sample the samosas there, they are something else. You should also visit the new recreational park they set up the other day. It is a little cosy town with very friendly people, that might come handy later on in the tour..

Semi Final
B1 v A2 – 2.00pm
A1 v B2 – 4.00pm

Match Day Five, 7.06.2014 ‘Karibu Jiji’

The final match day will see all roads leading to the capital at the home of the region’s rugby, the RFUEA grounds.

The grand finale will see fans treated to three matches, kicking off with the third place play off at noon. Followed by the final at 2 pm, then to wrap it up in style a clash between the national fifteens side and the Western Province of South Africa.

They say, Nairobi is what you make it out to here let your imagination limit you. Though if it is your first time here, call me up, we go for the boat ride at Uhuru park, pose for photos outside the KICC, people here are too cool to do these things.
Loser Semi 1 v Loser Semi 1 – 12.00pm
Winner Semi 1 v Winner Semi 2 – 2.00pm
Kenya v Western Province – 4.00pm

With those little pointers I hope your plans are coming up great as we get closer to the start of the super series. A big thank you to all those who helped out with the translations and the suggestions in this post…

KWISHA…Nimeruka Nje!!!

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