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How To Be A Star Touch Rugby Player

“Touch Rugby was created to make rugby forwards feel like backs and rugby fans feel like stars.” – P. Ndonga

How to be this guy…

By the end of this post, we hope to have turned you into a star touch rugby player (or at least make you look like one) just in time for the country’s most anticipated touch tournament, the Rabadaa Cup, slated for the 22nd of July 2017.

Since we can not work on your catch, pass, step technique in one blog post, we plan to make you look the part. That by the time guys realise you cannot catch a ball to save your life, you will already be playing in your third match as the ‘go to guy.’

In so many words, treat this like, “The ultimate touch rugby star player, starter pack.”

Play with a cap on – This is the ultimate rule, in order to stand out and look like a real star, always play with a cap on. Never mind how much it blocks your view, just put on a cap and play. The fancier the cap, the better. Throw in some shades if you don’t mind the constant bog of having to pick them up after every two steps.

Play in trainers not boots – You might be tempted to dust off your playing boots and use them for touch at the weekend, don’t. Look for trainers, fancy coloured ones if you can, luminous works best.

Don’t Do Stockings – This rule has an exception, only do stockings if they are multi-coloured, the general rule of thumb, the fancier the better. If you can’t get your hands on colourful stockings, go for anklets, oiling your legs heavily, counts as a bonus. The other option here would be going for leggings but we highly advice against this.

A few pointers from the beach (Photo Diani-5-a-side)

Shorts vs Track bottoms – The jury is still out on this one, but we highly recommend shorts over track bottoms. We also pick sleeveless or vests over t-shirts and jerseys. The more fitting the better.

Walk in Last – Always be the last one to walk into the field of play whenever your team is playing. Don’t run as if you are late, walk or jog in and start pointing at your team mates, re arranging their positions.

Do everything like you are doing it for TV – A popular Kenyan artiste once said, “I do what I do like I am doing it for TV.” This should be your mantra, and I mean everything. From how you walk, how you sip your water, how you carry your shoes, in fact carry a pair of sandals for when you are not playing. You should be oozing stardom from your head to toe.

Get a Signature Move – It might be how you score a try, how you make a pass or how you celebrate a score. Look for a signature move, something the crowd can associate to you directly.

Look for the cameras – This one goes without saying, spot the lenses and play to their tune. This way your moment in stardom will forever be etched on your Instagram page, and here.

With these pointers we believe that you will be well on your way to stardom this weekend at the Rabadaa cup, however short lived it may be. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame and milk as much as you can get away with.

Above all come out with your squad and let’s have fun, as we celebrate the lives of our brothers who keep watch over us.

KWISHA…Nimeruka Nje!!!

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