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The Dream 7 From The 2019 Stanbic 7s

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe 2019 Stanbic National sevens series will go down in history as one of the most entertaining in recent times, both on and off the pitch. We witnessed the rise of a new generation, across the game, from the management of the tournaments, the

5 Talking Points From The 2019 Driftwood 7s

Share this…FacebookTwitterFive legs, across five counties in seven weeks and the stage was set for the final round of the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series, the Driftwood sevens, in the city of Mombasa. With all the five legs living up and even exceeding expectations, the

It Is Time For Mazematic At The Driftwood 7s

Share this…FacebookTwitterAs we head to the final leg of the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series, I will advise you to look for ‘mtu wa mazematic,’ because you will need them. With one leg to go, this was the ending we were all hoping for, three

It Is Now or Never At The Christie 7s

Share this…FacebookTwitterIf the 2019 Stanbic National Sevens Series was a marathon, we could say that the teams are now at the wall or ‘mile 22’ mark. Mile 22 (35 Kms) is widely believed to be the toughest point of a marathon, where your body almost

5 Talking Points From The Prinsloo 7s

Share this…FacebookTwitterFour legs down, two to go and we have the race to the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series title, that we have all been hoping for. After the Prinsloo sevens, the difference between the current leaders KCB and 5th placed Menengai Oilers is 11

The 2019 Prinsloo 7s Match Predictor.

Share this…FacebookTwitterWith three legs of the 2019 Stanbic National Sevens series, we feel that we have enough background data to try predict how the first division matches at Prinsloo will play out on day one. So here goes, also feel free to add your predictions

5 Talking Points From The 2019 Dala 7s

Share this…FacebookTwitterI am quickly running out of superlatives to describe these rugby weekends at the Stanbic Sevens Series, but I can safely say that the 2019 Dala sevens in Kisumu, has been by far the best one so far, I doubt that it can get

Wabiro Dala

Share this…FacebookTwitterAfter what seemed like an eternity (read a one week break) the Stanbic National sevens series is back this weekend at the Mambo Leo Showgrounds in Kisumu for the Dala Sevens. A quick recap of how things have played out so far, KCB started

The Stanbic 7s Story So Far, In Numbers

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe first two legs of the 2019 Stanbic National sevens series has produced some memorable moments both on and off the field, apart from the two different winners, the first two legs have brought with them a few surprises and indeed reminded us of

Five Talking Points From The Kabeberi 7s

Share this…FacebookTwitterWhen Mwamba first announced that they will be hosting the 2019 Kabeberi sevens at the Kinoru stadium in Meru, I was excited for two reasons. That I would finally get to see the Kinoru Stadium and the fact that it is always great seeing