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Mbai Takes On Head To Head

Last week’s edition got me quite a lashing from the Kulabu faithful, who thought that the Undertaker and I had been a little to hard on them with our predictions. Needless to say they went on to win their encounter against Kabras and well, it

The Under Taker Battles To A Stalemate

It was a special weekend on head to head, for myself and my guest the Under Taker. From all the reactions pre and post Match day 10, I would like to thank you all for taking your time out to read through this space. On

The Under Taker On Head To Head

The man we christened ‘The Under Taker’ is back, Tito Oduk returns to this space after quite some time. Since his last appearance here, he has had quite the time on the touchline, leading the Kifaru to that Super series title being the highlight. In

Jogoo Sneaks In A Rare Win On Head To Head

It was always going to be a tough one against Jogoo, with a set of tricky fixtures, somebody was bound to slip. Unfortunately on this occasion it was me. Here are those results : Match Result Lawi’s Prediction Poghie’s Prediction Lawi’s Score Poghie’s Score Catholic

The Jogoo Takes On Head To Head

Jogoo ya vichakani once Mswati, now no longer Mswati, officially known as Lawi Buyachi to the GoK, is my guest on Match Day 9 on head to head. The bullish running Kenyan international back row needs no introduction to the Kenya rugby crowd. 15 caps

Kollo Gets A Beating On Head To Head

Kuna wale wa kuna wale wa kupigwa pigwa… Kollo talked a big game before giving his match day 8 predictions, in fact he has been chest thumping for quite a while in the comments section. Well the results are finally out. Let’s just say

Mwamba To Bounce Back, Machine Escapes Relegation

When I started this section, I mentioned that I will be featuring everyone here from fans to players to coaches. Well I present to you Mr. Collins ‘Kollo’ Nabiswa, a referee. Kollo also doubles up as a writer, social media manager/big wig and rugby encyclopaedia.

Sheilah Battles Poghie To A Stalemate

In her predictions, Sheilah mentioned that she had a feeling there would be a draw on Match day seven. Well there were no draws on the pitch, but on here there was nothing to separate Sheilah and I. Here are the results : Match Result

Sheilah On Head To Head

Let us kick off 2015 in style, for match day seven I host a great friend on head to head. The first lady here, yes it was about time. She played a big role in starting this space that is odd shaped balls Kenya, mama

Marto Gets Served

The sound of the human vuvuzela was at the weekend muted, as Poghie edged out Marto in round three of Head to Head. Marto put up a great fight, but dropped the ball with his Impala prediction, probably letting his love for the side cloud