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The Hecklers Podcast – Episode 13

Share this…FacebookTwitterIn the 13th episode, the Hecklers go through the important matches from match day 9 and 10. What are our S&Cs up to? Listen in below Share this…FacebookTwitter

The Hecklers – Episode 12 (Kenya 7s)

Share this…FacebookTwitterIn the second part of episode 12, the hecklers go through the recently named Kenya sevens side to the Wellington and Sydney legs the only way they can, enjoy: Share this…FacebookTwitter

Guka Cool Backs The DJs

Share this…FacebookTwitterFirst thing first, congratulations to Mama Kayai who sneaked in a ka-win last weekend after a lucky bonus point. Onto this week’s guest. Every once in a while you come across a man way cooler than his age, meet one George Gachui aka Pozza.

Mama Kayai Sneaks Away With The Win.

Share this…FacebookTwitterMatch Day 8 was always going to be an interesting affair, with that many 50/50 matches on the cards. At the end of the day, our respective club allegiances had a big impact on the results, one way or another. Shallom decided to side

Mama Kayai on Head to Head

Share this…FacebookTwitter*wipes the dust and cobwebs off this section* Howdy ladies and gents, yes, head to head is back! Who better to start us off than a third of a three quarter? Confused? Good. My first guest of 2017, is none other than Mama Kayai,

It Will Be An All Ngong Road Final – Futie

Share this…FacebookTwitterYou might have noticed that, as the league progressed, I got older, more rugby versed heads here, I am not sure I can go any further after this week’s guest. Before I go any further, I’d like to quickly acknowledge my guest here last

Put Your Money On the Ks – The Under Taker.

Share this…FacebookTwitterMy guest for the play offs need no introduction to a rugby fan, especially one who reads this space frequently. We call him the Undertaker, Tito Oduk. I ran a feature on him 3 years ago, when he had first announced his retirement. Like

Strath To Complete Double Over DJs

Share this…FacebookTwitterMatch day 13, up step the loudest, most cheerful being you will meet in Kenya rugby. Dull, boring, normal are words that do not exist when you interact with my guest. From that introduction you can already probably tell that my guest, like everything

It Was Nothing Close To A Draw

Share this…FacebookTwitterWhen he gave his predictions for match day 12, Brian Malenya was certain that the encounter between Quins and Nakuru would end in a draw. There was a draw on match day 12, alright, just not at the NAC. Here are the collated match

Nakuru vs Quins To End In A Draw

Share this…FacebookTwitterFor match day 12, I host a true mzae of the game, well not Tank, Osborne or Karis like old, but somewhere along those streets. He can probably sit down with the above and discuss a thing or two. Here is a brief history