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Who Is Your Player of 2017?

We were busy scratching our heads looking for the player of the year 2017, when it quickly dawned on us that we needed a little help (OK a lot!) So here we are asking for your help in selecting that one player that stood out

What club do you support?

We bet that we can tell which club you support, after you answer the seven simple questions below! Have fun and remember to share your results.

Since The Last Time We Spoke Rugby.

A lot has happened since we last spoke rugby on this space, both at the national and club level, there have also been a few interesting side shows. Allow us to catch up.. The Simbas The Simbas played in the Reagan Hotel Cup of nations

Kenya vs Hong Kong 2nd Test Player Ratings

The Kenya Simbas at the weekend wrapped up their 2017 series Home tests with a hard fought 43-34 loss to a well oiled Hong Kong side at the RFUEA grounds. This year the Simbas played 7 times at the RFUEA (probably the most matches we

Kenya vs Hong Kong Player Ratings.

The Kenya Simbas on Sunday played out to a 19 all draw in the first of a two test series against Hong Kong. With 17 changes to the Simbas side, this test offered the perfect platform for players who had been overlooked to make a

5 Things You Must Experience At The Elgon Cup

It is no doubt, the most anticipated fixture on the Kenya rugby international calendar, and it happens tomorrow. The Simbas taking on the Uganda rugby cranes, in Nairobi, more specific The RFUEA. Remember that once they took this fixture Kasarani? There is always something special

We Need A Nick Name For This Place.

We seriously need a name for this place, this place that has hosted titanic battles since 1955, this place that has hosted the British Lions, the Welsh, the Sprinboks and the Barbarians. This place that you guys almost rioted, when the greatest sevens tournament South

Quiz – How Well Do You Remember 2016?

We all agree that 2016 was a real roller coaster, but how well do you remember the twist and turns? Find out below and don’t be afraid to share your results at the end.

Dear Mum..

Dear Mum, I know that news of the demise of two rugby players in less than a week has reached you, and I understand you are scared, so am I. Here are a few things I know, I enjoy playing this game, it is almost

Erick Situma – A Father To Many.

By the time of his untimely demise, Erick Situma was the proud father of 4 beautiful children, the last barely 2 months old. In rugby though, especially to my generation, Situma was the father of many. Stu, Kabuda, chesco were some of the names used