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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Finally, The Simbas Hunt At Home.

This Saturday, you have an opportunity that you simply cannot pass up on. For the first time this year, you have the opportunity to watch the mighty Simbas on the hunt at the RFUEA, when they take on Uganda in the second leg of the

Rabadaa Cup – The Story

To properly tell you the Rabadaa story, I will have to go back to 2006, when I met the man who coined the phrase itself, Joshua Tariq Gathumbi, or as we knew him, Rojo. This is early 2006, first term of the school calendar, we

Welcome To The Main Samba…

It is a sunny afternoon, not so hot, with a cool breeze blowing subtly past periodically, just the perfect weather for rugby. As you walk through the ‘pearly gates’ like the many greats have since 1902, you are taken aback by the brilliant sight that