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Kenya Cup, While You Were Away…

Share this…FacebookTwitterDear Kenya Cup, it will be exactly 363 days since the last time we enjoyed each other’s company, since you toyed with my emotions, like only you can. On that afternoon of 29th day of February 2020, you served us with an enthralling 22

A Real Ninja Rests.

Share this…FacebookTwitterReal Ninjas don’t die, they rest… It is the 9th of June 2017, a group of 12 very excited rugby fans are meeting up at Nairobi CBD for the maiden rugby na tusker tour. The trip which had been in the works for a

Why Cancelling The 2019-20 Season Was The Right Call

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe Kenya Rugby Union yesterday announced the cancellation of the 2019/20 season, due to the novel corona virus pandemic that has continued to rein havoc across the globe. The union had earlier suspended league fixtures on the 13th of March, following a government directive

Farewell To A Jolly Good Fellow, Tony Onyango.

Share this…FacebookTwitterFor he is a jolly good fellow, for he is a jolly good fellow…for he is a jolly good feeellooow, which nobody can deny! It is now over a week since news of Tony’s passing hit us like a canon ball, right in the

Five Things To Look Forward To In 2020

Share this…FacebookTwitterThe rugby year 2019 served us with some great moments, Chipu playing in their first JWRT since 09, the Lionesses playing in the RWC 2021 qualifiers, they also qualified for the 2021 Olympics as did the Shujaa. It was also the year we saw

Saturday Is Not The Only Rugby Day

Share this…FacebookTwitterWe are all familiar with the old adage “Saturday is a rugby day,” you have probably used it on several occasions, well it is about time that we realised that it is not the only rugby day. The 2019/20 season is in its third